Lets Boost up Get Your Self No 1 and Your Idea lets Write for Us + health/Fitness

Do you have a strong interest in wellness and health? Do you have a talent for creating interesting and educational content? If so, we gladly encourage you to add to our platform and educate our audience with your knowledge by Write for Us ! We welcome guest writers and contributors with expertise in a range of health-related subjects, from holistic wellness and mental health to fitness and nutrition Lets write for us.

How Come You Support us 

Reach a Larger readership: You may share your ideas with individuals from all walks of life as your articles are read by our broad and expanding readership.

Promote Your Online Presence: Use our platform to highlight your knowledge and get recognition in your industry. Your author bio will appear with every published piece, giving you the opportunity to interact with readers and possible customers.

Benefits of Backlinks and SEO: 

You can increase your online visibility by including a link to your website or social media profiles in your author bio. Search engine rankings for your website can also be improved by backlinks from reliable websites, such as ours.

Guidelines for Submissions:

Topic Selection: Articles on a broad spectrum of health-related subjects are welcome, including but not restricted to alternative medicines, wellness trends, exercise, nutrition, and mental health.

Writing Style: We you Write for Us your style that is interesting, brief, and simple. Try for a conversational, approachable style that appeals to our audience. Feel free to support your ideas with personal stories or real-world experiences.

Article Length: 800-1500 words is a good range for articles as it allows for a thorough examination of the subject while maintaining a cohesive and interesting narrative.
2 links are allowed

Originality: Only previously unpublished, original work is accepted. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, and the validity of each submission will be examined.

Citations & References: If you are presenting statistics or factual data, please cite reliable sources to back up your assertions. Correct citations raise your article’s credibility.

Media: To improve the article’s visual appeal, you are welcome to include pertinent photos, infographics, or videos. Make sure the media you include can be used legally.

number of links: only 2 dofollow links are allowed

Procedure for Submission:

Pitch Your Idea: Please send us a brief proposal that includes a outline of the topics you plan to write about and your suggested theme. If appropriate, kindly include links to your prior work and a brief author bio.

Approval and Writing: You can begin writing your article as soon as your pitch is accepted. Please follow our formatting, style, and content requirements.

Submission: Send us on amirsacademy1@gmail.com  or amir@letsgetworkout.com your finished piece as a Word or Google Doc with the subject “Guest Post Submission: [Your Topic]”. or all of given Foot print for Guest post. If you have any media files, please attach them separately.

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Editing and Review: To ensure that your submission is accurate, up to date, and compliant with the requirements, our editorial staff will examine it. A revision request could be made prior to final approval.

Publication: Your article will be scheduled for publication after it has been approved. The publication date will be announced to you in advance.


Can I write on any subject related to health?

A: Sure, a variety of health-related subjects are welcome. Just make sure they follow our rules.

What is the ideal length for my article?

A: The ideal length for an article is 800–1500 words.

Can I put videos or pictures in my article?

A: If you have the required rights, you can add pertinent media to improve your content.

When can I post my content again on my own website?

A: Thirty days after your work appears on our site, you are free to reprint it on your website or somewhere else.

Do you reimburse contributions made by guests?

A: We do not currently give financial compensation; instead, we only provide exposure and backlinks.

How much time does it take for my article to get published?

A: Upon approval of your piece, you will receive notification regarding the publication date.

Does contributing require that I have written something before?

A: While prior experience is preferred, enthusiastic authors of all skill levels are welcome.

What occurs if the requirements aren’t met by my article?

A: To make sure your article complies with our standards, we could ask for modifications.

Is there a certain format required for submissions?

A Google Doc or Word file should be used to submit your article.

How can I get in touch with you to get further details?

you can use to contact uson our Mail  with questions and submissions.